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Unforseen Circumstances  -

Does your current plan protect your assets from the expense of an unexpected critical illness or long-term recovery?

Tax issues  -

Are changes in the tax code going to affect your retirement plan or estate plan?

Asset Protection  -

Do your assets need protection from lawsuits, tax exposure, or probate challenges?



Sarita Price & Michelle Parker


Do you have a Tax-Free Retirement Cash Flow Strategy in place yet?

Let us help take you where you desire to be

Will your current plan meet your needs and other challenges to secure a successful retirement?

We make you our primary concern. Our independent financial services agency has more than 22 years worth of experience helping clients and their families develop successful and fulfilling strategies to reach their goals.

Do you have a Tax-Free Retirement Cashflow Strategy in place yet?


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Services We Offer

What ​are some of the challenges that you ​ will need to deal with in the next ​5-25 years?

We help you with...

Cashflow Planning

Listen, tomorrow comes fast! your current plan may not be suitable for today's market. Our most common discovery in meeting with clients is not that their planning is incorrect, it's just simply incomplete.


We'll analyze your current position and make recommendations that make sense.

Working from Home

 Ask us about our Guaranteed Lifetime Cashflow Planning!

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How are you protecting your life savings?

We help you with...

Asset Protection Planning

Asset protection is the adoption of strategies to guard one's wealth and a component in financial planning to protect from creditor claims and to implement disability and long-term care planning.

Long Term Care and Asset Protection go hand and hand. 


We serve private companies, families, entrepreneurs, and high-net worth individuals.  With life insurance, long-term care, and various disability insurance, we have curated a team of strategic partners and industry experts to include CPA's, Actuaries, Tax and Estate Planning Attorneys, and other experts to help our clients.

Is your hard-earned money at risk? Learn more about how to
"Build Confidence In Your Choices."

Michelle Parker

Your Trusted Advisor -

We help you with...

Business Continuation

Buy-Sell Planning/ Key Person

As a partner or co-owner of a business, you've spent years building a financial interest in your company. You may have considered setting up a buy-sell agreement or business continuation agreement to ensure your surviving family a smooth sale or continuation of your business interest and you maybe looking into funding methods.

The first method you should consider is to leverage life insurance which funds your buy-sell or business continuation, and it will create a sum of money at your death that will be used to pay your family or your estate and to continue your business at the full value of your ownership interest.

Professional planning should be in place to take care of your own interests.

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We help you with...


We help you with...

Charitable Giving & Estate Planning

The tax benefits available through various charitable​ giving strategies can play a critical role in a potential donor's decision​ in regard to the method one chooses. Those who plan to make significant gifts naturally seek to pursue their philanthropic goals without harming their own financial security. Careful planning can help you to do so.

There are many ways to give strategically. By donating appreciated securities, tax-deferred assets, giving through a donor-advised fund, a private foundation, or using methods such as trusts.

Charitable giving is a highly personal decision and it makes sense.

A living trust is one of two main ways to avoid probate. It is estimated that only 20% of Americans have a living trust. The living trust will save you money and provide privacy. Every household should have estate planning as its foundation.

Leveraged Cashflow Planning

Many business owners and high net-worth individuals often establish successful careers, while Retirement Cash Flow Planning is frequently overlooked. 


As  Trusted Advisors, this is a very common recurring concern for so many professionals.  For this reason, asset-backed leveraged lending is a solution.  This strategy also compliments estate and legacy planning.

Business People

Do you need leverage cashflow planning?

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We help you with...

Ministry Benefits Retirement Planning

We use our proprietary strategies to allow pastors and clergy the ability to preserve their housing allowance exemption throughout their retirement years.

We build strategies that insure the pastor's spouse is not disinherited later in the spouse's life when guaranteed cashflow is needed most.​

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